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Benefits of WebLN

WebLN comes with a couple of benefits:
  • Better UX WebLN allows for programmatic interactions and reduces friction between a Lapp and the user’s wallet. Users don't have to switch context for scanning a QR code to make a payment anymore. Additionally, they can sign a message with one click to prove ownership of a wallet. If a WebLN client supports auto-payments, no prompt is needed and the user is just one click away from sending a payment.
  • Ready and secure WebLN is a specification that only describes how to interact with a Bitcoin Lightning wallet. There is no need to trust and integrate a third-party library. Over the years WebLN has developed and has been recognized as a standard within the community.
  • Simple implementation Initialization and execution of WebLN requires not more than some lines of code of JavaScript - a language that is commonly used for creating web apps.
  • Complementary to LNURL WebLN works well together with LNURL, another, more manual standard to make interactions with Lighting easier. If implemented correctly WebLN provides a great enhancement of the UX. For users without a WebLN provider installed, LNURL can serve as a fall-back option.
Last modified 5mo ago