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The WebLN Guide is written in Gitbook, a collaboration platform. This is where you can comment, propose changes and see what needs to be done. Join our open community and help us improve the Lightning Web Standard (WebLN).

Improve the WebLN standard

There is a working group to merge Bitcoin on- and off-chain standards to facilitate the adoption of Bitcoin. Join the Telegram group and participate in the discussions.
and consider creating a GitHub issue here

Content guidelines

The WebLN guide is the work of many authors with different backgrounds, each with their own unique voice and perspective. To help us ensure a consistent written voice throughout the guide, follow these content guidelines.
Know your reader: This guide is crafted for anyone interested in building an effective Bitcoin application. A large part of this group are developers, but also designers and product managers, and others who actively shape the end-user experience. Consider their perspectives and needs first and avoid going into topics that are not relevant to these readers’ goals.
Speak to the reader: Address the reader directly. Whenever possible, try using active instead of passive voice. Make the reader a part the conversation by using second-person pronouns like “you, your and yours”. Do not write in first-person and avoid giving predictions and personal opinions.
Use simple language: Not everyone using this guide is a native English speaker. Make sure you are writing in plain, easy to follow English. If you’re still not sure, try using a readability tool to analyze your text and make recommendations.
Be concise: Focus on information relevant to the reader. Use direct, clear, concise sentences that are easy to understand. Try to reduce the word count to just the right brevity without being obscure.
Make content scannable: On the internet, most people scan the content before reading it. Split text into paragraphs, use links, text styling and images to make this easier. Each paragraph should ideally have no more than 3-4 sentences.
Linking: Linking provides necessary context and helps avoid information repetition. Link to the Glossary, to another page in the guide whenever possible or to a reputable third-party resource. Give tips and get the reader involved: If you are a developer ask yourself where did you struggle most when implementing WebLN and provide tips to help others. Show, don’t tell: When it’s possible, try to provide code examples.
Use the right medium: Don’t be afraid to try a different medium such as pictures, videos or interactive prototypes if you think it will inform better than text.
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